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Yet another chapter in the successful partnership between Strescon Limited and MCT Group.

Marcantonini Concrete Technology has been a reliable partner for Strescon for the last  investments in their batching equipment and presented the best choice during the project development once again for this new expansion. The continued technical support and the customized approach of the Italian based manufacturer were once again the driving factor to write this great new chapter of our ongoing long-lasting relationship.

The expansion for the tower plant was developed maintaining the same traffic flow for the aggregates supply leaving the primary hopper very close to the one of the existing plants this helped to maintain the production capacity of the factory during the assembly phases of the new equipment. The tower was developed in the opposite side of the factory in relation to the existing one, in order to guarantee the operation of the entire set-up, including the feeding conveyor for the old plant, running very close to the new tower location. With the expertise of the  MCT Group this allowed us to design and install the new plant in the safest and smarter way without any interruption to their plant operations throughout the entire project.

The tower plant has been custom designed around two planetary mixers for the production of structural and architectural concrete. The vertical aggregate storage solution is divided in 12 different compartments with a total capacity of 400 m3 (600 t of storage): up to eight of them can be specifically dedicated to architectural aggregates. During the engineering of the plant the most challenging issue in the development was the prevention of any type of contamination during the aggregates dosing phase. The system developed by the MCT engineering department took advantage of more than 50 years of experience to prevent any issues with this matter.

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