Tower batch plant with high speed concrete flying bucket


Breaking the cold environment of Alberta with new tower batch plant for Tanks-A-Lot Ltd.

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. is a privately-owned company, Western Canada’s leader in onsite water and sewage solutions for more than 34 years. The company predominantly focuses on manufacturing underground concrete tanks for water and sewer applications, precast concrete fencing for privacy and security and dry cast manholes products for municipal underground drainage applications. Tanks-A-Lot has been continuously focusing on innovation and new technologies to improve the company’s efficiency and production processes. This new facility allows Tanks-A-Lot to maintain and increase their presence in the marketplace, becoming one of the most important suppliers of precast elements in Canada.

The MCT Group team worked closely with Tanks-A-Lot in order to design the entire plant, following the initial idea of the client in terms of the concrete distribution layout. MCT’s technical department successfully developed a customized solution according to the client’s request, in order to comply with its expectations in terms of precision in concrete distribution and high quality of the concrete produced.

A dedicated team of MCT technicians was appointed to work on the project and develop a long-term partnership and relationship with the Tanks-A-Lot team. MCT executed the entire process including the complete pre-installation of the plant at MCT’s headquarters before shipping, the delivery to the site, plant erection and installation and final commissioning.

Aggregates storage
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Cement storage
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Flying buckets
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