Beaver Gulf Precast Concrete parks near epicenter of United Arab Emirates building boom

Beaver Gulf is a leader in providing techno-economical solutions to Government, Semi-Government and major Private Establishments for multimillion dollar projects. Beaver Gulf is a turnkey contractor with full-fledged in-house Civil Construction, Oil and Gas EPCC, Electro-mechanical, Structural Steel, Aluminium & Glazing and Precast Concrete Products divisions with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Over the years Beaver Gulf has maintained and ensured maximum possible transparency and quality criteria coupled with customer satisfaction and this disciplined approach assisted in placing Beaver as one of the leading Multi Million turn over Business Group across the region.

Beaver Gulf Precast Concrete division is one of the largest precast factory in the world. Formerly known as Mammut Technocrete was formed in 2005. Nowadays Beaver Gulf offers full precast/prestressed systems for labour accommodation, villa complex, sub-stations and other building systems.

The Factory

It is one of the largest precast factories in the region, with a capacity to produce over 2.5 million square meters of pre-cast panels per year, located at National Industries Park Jebel Ali, Dubai.

The precast concrete plant has state of art machinery including Cut & Bend machine, Mesh machine, Batching Plant, Machinery, Small Tools, Lifting and Transporting Platforms, Cranes, including a shutter robot, computerized mould plotters, welding machines, concrete distributors and curing chambers.

Precast concrete products can be modulated in structures or systems with endless array of sizes and configurations, architectural or decorative purposes also.


  • Pre-cast concrete frame buildings.
  • Pre-stressed hollow core slabs.
  • Pre-stressed beams & band beams.
  • Facade elements- architectural precast.
  • concrete pre-stressed beams non-load bearing cladding panels.
  • Precast concrete boundary walls.
  • Precast concrete staircases and landings.
  • Precast concrete load-bearing walls.
  • Precast concrete load-bearing insulated walls.

In 2017 the factory has been deeply reorganized and for this new large challenge, Beaver worked together with top expertise engineer. To achieve such remarkable success in quality and speed on this prestigious task, Beaver Precast Gulf called upon the precast consultant and international manufacturing capability of MCT Group, supported by the local partnership of Philip Tabone International.

MCT Group was selected for, and entrusted with fulfilling the major precast plant by Beaver, after detailed studies of its equipment, efficiency, reliability, after sales service support and experience throughout the Emirates region.


High speed flying bucket 240 meter/minute

The factory is composed of no. 5 production halls and no. 2 independent  batch plant with full automatic concrete distribution system through high speed flying buckets and automatic casting machines.

The first batch plant, equipped with no. 2 x 2250/1500 planetary mixer and no. 1 x 1500/1000 mixer can support the production of grey and colored concrete for concrete panels and walls.

The second plant equipped with no. 2 x 3000/2000 planetary mixer delivers concrete to no. 17 beds of prestressed hollow core slabs and moulds for the casting of structural precast elements, beams, staircases and boundary walls.

The double mixer plant is able to guarantee a concrete production of 100 cubic meters per hour during pick time; an automatic ice dosing system system ensures also the possibility to cast concrete during the hottest hours. Rapid, reliable and fast delivery is carried out by the latest version of Marcantonini Concrete Technology flying buckets: 240 meter per minute is the speed achievable.


MCT Group in-house Compumat Software

The plant supplied to Beaver Gulf Precast includes one of the latest release of COMPUMAT®, MCT Group in-house software developed, taking the precast production to a new level. MCT’s new system for concrete production and casting process management keeps growing along with the requirements of quality control and verification that nowadays, more than ever before, almost worldwide are becoming more common and strictly controlled by authorities.

The new software control system, together with the technologies developed in MCT, enables our customers to achieve the most efficient precast production, minimizing mistakes, waste and reducing costs.

Several new features have been implemented in our software aiming to considerably reduce the manual work of the operators meanwhile guarantee the best results. We added a proactive support in order to be able to prevent any possible fault and to monitor the status of the plant from our headquarter almost real-time. A plethora of data can be easily extracted from the software to feed any ERP, BI suite or any other data-analysis system.


The concrete transport system is a central part in Beaver precast production facility. All modifications done with factory upgrade have been specifically approved, guaranteeing an safety industrial environmental based on MCT risk assessment chart.

MCT Group has created a risk assessment chart that includes suggestions and actions for eliminating the possible wide-ranging risks. The methods for eliminating the risks vary: at the lowest risk level, simply informing and educating workers might be enough; at the highest level MCT Group installed automatic gate to prevent the entrance to danger zone (flying bucket washing and maintenance areas) and the power is switched off automatically when the gate is open.

MCT Group concrete distributor for colored concrete walls
MCT Group Concrete distributor for hollow core during commissioning phase


MCT Group is well established and known as one of the major player for the supply of customized precast mixing plant & concrete distribution system across all the Middle East countries.

“Based on our extensive experience in the sector, we are able to offer our client customized turnkey services starting from designing plant layout to plant operation and erection at site. The whole process involves consultation, project planning, production, operation, installation, and after-sales services” Mr. Falchetti Gabriele Middle East Sales Director for MCT Group says.

“I think the Dubai market still has a long way to go. Yes, it has matured, and I don’t expect the market to grow like before—100% or 200% » Falchetti said.

“The demand for housing cannot be met using traditional building systems and can only be addressed by using precast building systems produced in modern and computerized precast plants. This will minimize the labour requirements and project duration while increasing product quality” he added.

Mr. Gagliardi Gian Piero, Owner of Nordimpianti
Mr. Prabakar sakthivel, Beaver Precast Gulf Maintenance Manager
Mr. Karthikeyan Nair, Beaver Precast Gulf Deputy General Manager
Mr. Gabriele Falchetti MCT Group, MCT Group Middle East Sales Director
Mr. Sterzi Paolo, Bianchi Casseforme Middle East Sales Director

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Krishna, formal Chairman and CEO of Beaver Gulf Group, affirmed: “Our driving force, undoubtedly, has been the trust our clients have placed in us and the versatile team of committed and qualified professionals who stood by us as we shaped the city’s skyline.

We are proud of our new precast facility and supplier MCT Group which will help us to increase our success in all segments of project management, Construction and Precast Concrete Products, across Emirates.

We have faced many challenges in our journey to excellence and MCT Group gave us competence to surpass them thanks to their robust techniques, skilled support & encouraging our team members through innovation and knowledge”. Continuous product development is our main target which we strongly believe. The role of software and automation is on the rise we always optimizing the concrete production process and analyzing relevant datas becomes intuitive withour new COMPUMAT®. Remote control makes extremely easy updates, checks or even manage the whole production process.

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