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“Employees are one of the most important resources for a company, they are the first customers and can attract more and more.”

People are our main force and we strongly believe and thrive on our company’s "Team Efforts and accomplishments"!!

Job Opportunities

Research MCT Group through our social pages and our website to understand company mood and our company’s specialties and future growth opportunities.

Send us your CV to for general applications or indicate in the subject of the e-mail the reference to the job opportunities currently available. Our Team will evaluate your profile for any relevant available positions.

MCT Group is seeking to hire 3 professional candidates, who are residents of Umbria or neighboring communities, to expand our staff:

Follow our advice

  • We really want to get to know you, so the look should definitely reflect your personality, however choose a suitable outfit for a job interview.
  • Arrive on time. Punctuality is essential and it is important to arrive no more than a quarter of an hour in advance;
  • Before the interview collect information (company website, social networks, news, etc.), you will be more informed if you are ask questions about the company.
  • Be motivated/enthusiastic and share Relevant information about your previous work experiences. If you want a job offer from us emphasize your interest in working with our team.
  • Highlight your flexibility! Your ability to adapt to job changes, work overtime when necessary and to travel is an advantage.
  • Do not forget to list in your resume your hobbies, sports and interests.

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