Why partnering with us?

Our strengths

We make business all over the world leading the field of batching plants and concrete transfer and distribution systems.

Management of the whole production line

MCT Group Srl is one of the very few companies in the world which have skills and in-house capabilities to design, manage and accomplish the whole process of concrete production: batching plants, mobile batching plants, concrete transport and delivery systems, mono – and bi – rail flying buckets, buckets, Betonmixes, water recovery plants.

Total automation

We develop and build in-house both the hardware (mechanical, electric and electronic control units) and the software (our CompuNet®) of the management and control system. This makes it possible for us to gain high flexibility starting from the designing phase. We solve the 95% of technical issues online.

Expertise and know-how

We have gained 55 years of experience in batching plants and concrete transfer and distribution systems, designing and building more than one thousand of sites worldwide.

Reliability, after-sales service and design skills

In addition to the high quality of the products, we guarantee the maximum ease of use and maintenance. For example: in the Tower batching plant it is the gravity that makes components to proceed to the extraction, the dosage and the entry into the mixer. The reduction of mechanical elements envolved at peak time of the production process allows the decrease of power needed and a dramatic simplification of the maintenance.

Quality and innovation in our products

Partnership with Perugia University and our commitment in the field of research and development witness the innovativeness of our products. Compunet is our management and control software for concrete plants.

Continuous training of the technical personnel

In 2005 MCT Group Inc launched its “Research & Development” department. Thanks to partnership with Perugia University we maintain a policy of constant improvement of the professionalism and the skills of our technical personnel.

Persevering devices control

Every component of the batch plant and concrete distribution system is strictly checked with severe stress tests in order to increase the performance, reliability and durability.

Eco - friendliness

We constantly improve our site and plants also in terms of protection of the environment, working on effectiveness and efficiency in the field of design and implementation of concrete plants.

Worldwide presence

Thanks to a diffused commercial network which analyze the global market we achieved a great experience worldwide, increasing our presence year after year all over the world. We are now operating in 60 different Countries in the 5 continents.

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