Automated precast plant for high quality concrete

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MCT sets the bar: Engineering the most efficient automated precast plant in North America

The plant is composed of two primary hoppers, two separate aggregate storage systems, four mixers featuring fully automatic concrete distribution systems including high-speed flying buckets and automatic casting machines.

The two insulated primary hoppers with a capacity of 26 y3 each one (20 m3), in order to avoid any material contamination, feed the 2 separate aggregate storage bins dedicated to architectural and structural concrete production.

The primary hoppers serve distribute the material in the 2 storage systems: 18 aggregate bins, 6 dedicated to the structural concrete production with a total capacity of 360 y3 (280 m3) and 12 dedicated to the architectural concrete production with a total capacity of 120 y3 (100 m3) . Both aggregate storage units can serve all the 4 mixers of the plant, providing a wide range of choices in terms of mixing solutions.

The plant is equipped with a reliable state of the art concrete distribution system using 4 flying buckets, capable of delivering up to 13ft/sec (240 metres per minute), served by 4 high intensive output planetary mixer 3000/2000 with an output capacity of 2.6 y3 per cycle (2.0 m3): every mixer is equipped with 2 discharging gates in order to serve all the buckets operating in the facility and the system can guarantee a high level of flexibility and quality concrete production. The mixing section includes dedicated cement scales and water dosing system for each mixer. The flying buckets move on a double rail track system with a total length of over 3,300 ft (1.000 meters), helping the distribution of the material to all the areas of the production facility through the casting machine. 3 units of automatic casting machine and 1 unit of concrete distributor for hollow-core production complete the distribution system, allowing the delivery of the material to the different moulds all over the factory.

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