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Jisan is one of the fastest growing South Korean precast company with high skilled engineers able to provide turn key solutions: planning, designing, production and installation in a very competitive way thanks to the wide use of precast elements.

Hollow Core slabs are prestressed and precast concrete elements, manufactured using long line steel casting beds. They are typically 1200mm wide, and between 150mm – 1.000mm deep.
Spans can be anywhere up to around 20m, and applications range from individual houses to residential apartments, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, industrial units and car parks.
Longitudinal voids run throughout a Hollow Core Slab. These reduce raw material consumption, costs, the self-weight of slabs themselves and provide ready-made ducts for services.

“This time the decision was easier: after the two previous successful experiences with MCT, we teamed up immediately with their technical offices to get the best of their know-how from their specialized organization. We learnt that prestressed hollowcore requires the use of high-quality raw materials, such as high strength concrete, and low relaxation steel wire/strand.
The produced elements have high load resistances thanks to a low water/cement ratio of concrete from 0.32 to 0.38” adds Mr. Han, ByungMin.

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