Tunnel concrete segment precast plant

Special Elements
South Korea

Universal carousel for concrete tunnel segments and railway sleepers

Interconstech Co., Ltd. strives to be a company that raises a new vision and future to the construction industry through the development and trial of new construction methods and smart construction technologies. For this reason, in June 2018, it was officially announced the intention to enter into the TBM market and in January 2019 the first TBM was purchased for the Bucheon Electric Power District. Due to the continued success, in September 2020, ICT installed a new universal carousel in the Goesan factory.

The challenge has been won when the automated carousel system has been predisposed also to cast railway sleepers, wall slabs and planks: in this way ICT can manufacture concrete products for high speed railroad (KTX), high-depth underground railroad (GTX), thanks to the approval of the Korean National Railroad Authority and the Korea Railroad Research Institute.

Maximum Speed of Flying Bucket
0 m/min
Flying bucket switch
Rotation of concrete distributor
0 °

MCT Group has been selected, after the successful supply of a full concrete distribution system installed in 2017, for the factory upgrade and to achieve the target of delivering the concrete to the new production hall.

The casting station of the new carousel system is over 250 meters away from the existing batching plant: only the 270 m/minutes MCT Group high speed flying bucket can fulfill the task to deliver the 1,77 m3 batch every 5 minutes. MCT Group also applied a purpose studied flying bucket rail switch that automatically controls and organizes through an apposite list of priority the two buckets running on the same loop.

The MCT concrete distributor is the outcome of several studies developed in a true partnership by ICT and MCT technical departments: due to the presence of the universal carousel, used for the production of multiple elements of various shapes, heights and dimensions, the casting machine is equipped with double gates, 360 degrees rotation device, it can move up & down and left & right.

The special request of ICT technical team for the automatic concrete pouring is easily helped by a dedicated screen: it shows the real time quantity and it can be expressed in cubic meter or kilograms.

A friendly use remote control completes the supply as the only casting operator can easily control several operations: call for the concrete, select the preferred mix design, adjust the plasticity and pour the concrete inside the different molds for various concrete elements production.

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