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MCT Group confirms its leading role in precast elements for the infrastructure sector

Crezza S.r.l. was founded in 1992, since when it has been operating on the market of precast concrete elements destined for the infrastructure sector. It offers a wide range of products, such as certified concrete road barriers and site barriers; tunnel lining segments; tunnels; suspended, lateral and underground escape routes; noise protection systems; retaining walls; box elements; staircases; ducts for collecting and treating water; and manufacturing to individual designs. Parallel to the production of prefabricated building components, the company continued to develop into a construction company for the erection of infrastructure facilities of national and international importance for both open and closed construction methods.

Aggregates hoppers
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The complete batching plant is composed of aggregate storage group consisting of 5 compartments with capacity of 35 cubic meters each, aggregate dosing system through a mobile bucket placed on load cells, able to combine high speed and precision of dosage, one planetary mixer type MAV 2250/1550 extremely suitable for the production of concrete of all classes and of achieving perfect hydration of the cement and homogenization of the concrete in short time. The new plant is equipped with concrete transport and distribution system through flying bucket which can serve the 3 production halls as well as the new hall built at the same time to the installation of the batching plant. Thanks to the automatic concrete system, the customer has completely eliminated truck mixers, increasing considerably not only the daily productivity, but also the safety standards.

According to the provisions of the Italian national transition plan 4.0, the batching plant is interconnected to the Master Plant of Crezza factory; this operation is extremely easy thanks to the large potential of the MCT management system Compunet, which not only turns out to be absolutely simple for the operator, but it was also give MCT engineers the possibility to communicate with the client’s management.

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