ITS Umbria Academy: designing your future by thinking big

Nothing is more exciting than making plans and projects for the future: this is especially true for us at MCT Group, where we work every day to improve ourselves from every point of view and to offer products and services that increasingly keep up with the times; and it is certainly true, even more so, for young people, who take their first steps towards building their careers.

We have always maintained that investing in young people, and in their training, is the winning choice for the future of our country: for this reason, we work alongside ITS Umbria Academy, the postgraduate higher technical specialisation institute that offers courses developed on the basis of the real needs of companies.

For some time, in fact, Andrea Marcantonini has been a member of the technical committee of the Academy and of the ITS Foundation, and some of our collaborators are among the teachers of the courses provided by the school. This close collaboration between schools and companies in the area allows the Academy to create an educational offer with a purely application-oriented approach, and this is also the reason why 80% of the students who choose these courses find work within a year of the end of their studies.

These days, there is intense activity at ITS Umbria Academy: pre-enrolments for the courses starting in September 2023 are about to start, for which also several Open Days will be organised, that will give a chance to visit and experience the training provided more closely; moreover, online in-depth studies on current topics (such as digital innovation, marketing and renewable energies) open to anyone interested are planned in March. 

Innovative programmes, designed and implemented by the same companies that host the internships; personalised placement service with dedicated tutors; highly spendable skills in the world of work: these characteristics, in our opinion fundamental, convince us every day that our choice to support the activities of ITC Umbria Academy is the right one.

You can discover the different specialisations at our Open Days, which are scheduled until April and can be booked at this address (, while pre-enrolments can be accessed from this link (

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March 2, 2023

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