The respect of the environment is one of our pillar stones. Our plants are designed and built eco-friendly and with a high energy efficiency. It’s not empty words: it’s part of our mission. We love and want to protect the environment because this planet is the only home we have!

  • The management softwareis an in-house developed feature. Meanwhile we are developing a cogeneration vegetable oil plant to supply the green energy for the cooling / heating of our office and production facilities.
  • Our 400KW photovoltaic system makes us energy self-sufficient;
  • The whole of the plant settings has automated in terms of conditioning and lighting management;

Photovoltaic system

Site: Bettona, Italy
Opening: August 26th 2008
Plant power: 47.62 kWp
Annual production: about 60,668 kWh (1,274 kWh/kWp)
CO2 abatement: about 30.1 tons per year
Modules: United Solar PVL-136
Inverter: 9 Sunny Mini Central 6000A
Communication: Sunny Web Box

Site: Bettona, Italy
Opening: August 26th 2008
Plant power: 47.25 kWp
Annual production: about 60,197 kWh (1,274 kWh/kWp)
CO2 abatement: about 29.9 tons per year
Modules: Sunpower SPR-210
Inverter: 9 Sunny Mini Central 6000A
Communication: Sunny Web Box

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