Mircea Vitan



Dear Sirs,
this letter is a confirmation that SOMACO GRUP PREFABICATE from Romania purchased and commissioned a horizontal Concrete plant with two 1.25 qm mixers from MCT Group.

The concrete plant was installed in a Precast Concrete Factory in Roman, Neamt County, in April 2013.
We confirm that MCT team did a great job in our factory with emphasis on few points:
We took advantage of MCT experience in producing plants for precast factories by implementing equipment that increase the accuracy of the recipes. They were flexible to accept the installation of one original mixer and one older that SOMACO had already purchased. The layout of the plant was adapted to our operational needs.
The installation was well coordinate. There was a good communication between factory, MCT team from Italy and MCT installation team.
Overall, after 10 month, the plant responds well to a two shifts continue operation for producing concrete water elements.

I have no reservation in strongly recommending MCT Group srl, as a future professional partner.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information regarding MCT Group srl.

Mircea Vitan
Investments Manager

On a side note the installation of the micro batch feed went really well, was extremely impressed once again with how simple it was to install and how nearly everything was done for us prior to arrival in Australia. Im pretty sure that we are the first to have something like this in south Australia […]

Nick Monchgesang

Dear Sirs, this letter is a confirmation that OOO Megapolys from Russia Federation purchased and commissioned a mobile concrete plant from Marcantonini srl, Italy. The concrete plant was installed by address: Russia Federation, Kalinngrad, Dvinskaya st in August 2013. We confirm that Marcantonini experience in producting ready-mixed concrete plants by implementing equipment that increase the […]


This is to confirm that Lupp Construction Romania SRL with the headquarter in Romania, Str. XIII, Nr. 106, com. Cristian, jud. Sibiu, Romania has purchased and commissioned a Batching Plant from M/s Marcantonini Italy with one mixer and a high pressure washing system in 2014. Therefore, in evaluating the purchase of the Batching Plant we […]

Frank Riede

This is a brief reference with regards to the equipment that we at RDB El Seif Precast company are using in Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia. We have purchased a full line of Batching Plant and also concrete casting and distribution system from Marcantonini. The reason we chose Marcantonini are various, some main reasons being […]

Luigi Scarpino

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