Concrete Distribution Systems

Customized Flying Buckets & Casting Machines Wi-Fi Control System.

We manage the entire process of design, development, building and automation in the field of concrete industry.
Including the design and development of Concrete Transport and Delivery Systems.

Concrete Transport and Delivery Systems

We provide Aerovan Mono rail flying buckets (wide and updated technological equipment); Aerovan via rail flying buckets (equipped with innovative control systems, they can be used to optimize the distribution timing); Concrete casting buckets (operating both on axial or orthogonal axis); Beton Mix (multi – bucket for the simultaneous transport of the concrete in different colors).

A 360° Management

We cover all the different needs connected with concrete production: design and construction of any mixers, integrated into stationary and mobile batching plants; engineering and manufacturing of concrete transport and delivery systems; moisture control systems; recycling and cleaning systems. Software automation controls to make the management of all aspects extremely easy and user friendly.

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