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We design, engineer, build and set up concrete plants all over the world. We create ambitious projects with high technological content. We strive for excellence in everything we create to ensure and deliver nothing but the best for our partners.

18 07 2022

Concrete is the world’s most commonly used building material. In its simplest form, concrete is a mixture of paste, composed of water and cement, with fine and coarse aggregates. Within this process lies the key to the remarkable trait of concrete – it’s plastic and malleable when newly mixed and strong and durable when hardened.

03 05 2022

From the Desert to the Arctic, going through Tropical & Humid, numerous multi-milion-euro reference projects are a testament to MCT Group’s skill in successfully mastering the climate and infrastructure challenges of world-class megaprojects. The multi-storey advanced manufacturing facilities, named Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hubs in Singapore, with a high degree

28 06 2021

For some time now,  we have often heard about Industry technology  4.0, especially in relation to issues such as economic transformation and the digitization of enterprises. But what exactly does it mean in relation to concrete terms? It is a process that comes from the sum of the advances made

14 02 2020

Paris, France: opening ceremony for the new GA Smart Building Colossal, Giant, Impressive and Massive Batch Plant. The Masterpiece, fully engineered, produced and installed by MCT Marcantonini Concrete Technology will be equipped with: no. 18 aggregates bins of total capacity of 1.600 ton no. 3 planetary mixer for the production

21 10 2019

Beaver Gulf is a leader in providing techno-economical solutions to Government, Semi-Government and major Private Establishments for multimillion dollar projects. Beaver Gulf is a turnkey contractor with full-fledged in-house Civil Construction, Oil and Gas EPCC, Electro-mechanical, Structural Steel, Aluminium & Glazing and Precast Concrete Products divisions with its headquarters in

23 07 2019

Thinking about starting a precast concrete business or retrofit an existing one? The MCT Group is here to help. We can review what you will need to get started so you can make the best decisions and take advantage of the latest and greatest technology. The MCT Group is one

18 07 2019

MCT Group Australian local partner and Salini Impregilo has won an award for the design and manufacture of the precast concrete segments used to line the tunnels they are excavating for the Public Transport Authority’s Forrestfield-Airport Link in the latest recognition of the level of excellence they have brought to

03 07 2019

2019: The state has been pushing for improvements in construction management.Two 40-story residential towers in Singapore were built with nearly 1,900 prefabricated modules and few weeks ago, construction of the world’s tallest modular buildings was completed.The Clement Canopy building consists of two 40-story towers with 505 luxury apartments, located in

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