At MCT Group in Bettona, certificates of recognition for employees and an extra bonus for all personnel

The 2022 balance sheet has grown: “The turnover exceeded 20 million Euro for the first time.
Achievements reached also thanks to the valuable work of our employees”.

2022 ended positively at MCT Group in Bettona, to the great satisfaction of the company, which was thus able to reward some of its employees with certificates of recognition and with a monetary bonus to all personnel.

In particular, certificates were assigned to those workers who particularly distinguished themselves in 2022: Andrea Rosignoli, Marco Raiola and Stefano Rocchi, for the most days spent on business assignments. The certificate reads: “… for having distinguished our company in the world.”
In addition, Danilo Patacchiola and Simone Mazzoli stood out for their commitment and professionalism. And Fabio Porzi, too, who retired in August 2020, for his 40 years of continuous work in the company.
Finally, MCT has chosen to thank all its personnel, on the occasion of the recent Christmas holidays, with a € 300 bonus.
“Our company – says the manager, Andrea Marcantonini – believes in teamwork, motivational value and the proper recognition for those who work. I consider the company a big family.” And precisely for this reason, on the occasion of the recent Christmas holidays, a party was organised with the personnel and their families, also involving the children: “We pay particular attention to the future managers of our world and, in this instance, we had organised a special meeting with Santa Claus that brought personalised gifts for each of them. I believe there is no greater joy than a child’s smile. And then we regained that social aspect that the pandemic took away from us and that is fundamental to maintaining a cohesive group.”

MCT was also well aware of the difficulties that many families had to face: “We wanted to convey the message that even in the worst moments, we are there for them!” For MCT Group, the final assessment is positive: “We have managed the small and large crises that have occurred over these two years and it seemed right to share this result with those who have helped us to achieve it.
Despite the difficulties in terms of raw materials and supply costs, 2022 was a positive year for our company: our turnover continues to increase and, for the first time, we have substantially exceeded 20 million Euro. The margins remain good, although the unforeseen costs force us to review our estimates; our employees have worked hard and well to enable us to achieve these goals. Having them participate in this economic success, as well as the prestige of our important collaborations, seemed the most natural thing to do.
After all, in every great family, and MCT is no exception to this, sharing joy makes it greater!”

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January 17, 2023

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