April 2020 – MCT Marcantonini Concrete Technology is here and we’re hard at work!

Our Headquarter is fully operational and in compliance with safety & social distancing we are ready to deliver a new plant for a huge concrete factory in #SoutheastAsia following the big push trend to improve construction productivity.

“Despite the difficult moment due to COVID-19, we have successfully completed the manufacturing and testing phase in our HQ.
In SouthEast Asia, there is an increasing demand for special precast elements utilizing the latest general of special concrete.
Precast technology can offer an excellent solution for this and we, at MCT Group, help this customer adapt to the changing environment and to new business opportunities throughout the project”, says Falchetti Gabriele, Area Manager of MCT Group.

The growth of the construction market and the desire to make improvements to building quality are pushing Southeast Asia companies to use new technologies and in particular with regards to precast elements.
The new precast plant, equipped with two mixers, will produce precast high quality  #HollowCore and concrete elements for industrial buildings.

The automatic concrete distribution system will be carried out by:

  • #5 Flying buckets of 5.000 liters capacity each
  • 240 m/min #Speed
  • 1.000 #Meter of rail
  • Integration with #Automatic casting machine

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April 24, 2020

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