We partner with concrete producers and precast companies all over the world leading the field of concrete batching and distribution systems.

Our strengths

MCT long term flexibility and expertise worldwide ensure the best results in designing, managing and optimizing the whole process of concrete production and distribution, through our wide range of solutions for: batching plants, mobile batching plants, concrete transport and delivery systems, mono – and bi – rail flying buckets, casting machines, Betonmix systems, water reclaiming plants.

Expertise and know-how

In over 55 years of experience in batching plants and concrete transfer and distribution systems, MCT gained his reputation designing and commissioning thousands of solutions worldwide.

Total automation

We develop and build in-house both the hardware (mechanical, electric and electronic control units) and the software for the complete management and control system (our Compunet system).


Reliability, after-sales service and design skills

 In addition to the high quality of the products, we guarantee the maximum ease of use and maintenance, also by the assistance of our engineers and project managers.

Worldwide structure

Thanks to a wide commercial network, looking after the global market also through our subsidiaries, we achieved a great experience worldwide, increasing our presence year after year all over the world. We are now operating in over 60 different Countries in the 5 continents.



Quality and innovation in our products

Our partnership with the University of Perugia and our commitment in the field of research and development witness the innovativeness of our solutions.


Enviroment friendly solutions

Full emission control solutions to minimize the dust and improve the efficiency:

  • air displacement air-bags
  • dust control silo-top and hoppers filters
  • emission points control by hoods, ducts, special skirting
  • integrated cladding
  • truck loading areas enclosed and equipped with anti-drip device

Complete concrete reclaiming systems:

  • Collection hoppers and separation screws for washing water treatment
  • Filter-press and other downstream treatments to minimize waste
    materials from the process