The sand and aggregates moisture level affects directly the quality of the concrete. For this reason the moisture control and management is very important for the concrete batching.

From the probe to the system

The moisture detection probes are installed on aggregate hoppers and connected to the Moisture Control System and calibrated for the right aggregate. They provide information on the water present in the storage.
The same probes also control the temperature by integrated sensors to improve the management of the concrete temperature control by heating or refrigerating systems.

Continuous control

Data collected by the probes give a real time status of the moisture in the process.
We provide moisture control systems both for the aggregates and in the concrete mixer tanks, if needed with microwave measurements.
The connection of all the moisture probes and the plasticity sensors in the mixer to the Compunet platform ensures the total automatic control of the concrete quality, automatically enabling the concrete discharge at the achievement of the desired specifications, providing an excellent and reliable tool for a very consistent production of high quality concrete.