Our Continuous mixers are extremely sturdy and highly reliable. They perform the homogeneous continuous production of different materials.

Simplicity and reliability

Continuous mixers are perfect for the production of concrete and stabilized cement.

The advantage of continuity

The main feature of the Continuous mixers is of course to ensure the continuity of production.

In fact the high productivity is guaranteed by the continuous mixing: Continuous mixers are the ideal solution for those cases in which the supply of the product must be constant, ie for large orders (tunnels, roads…).

Additional equipments: hot working, cold working, powders, fibers

The Continuous mixers can be modified to allow the addition, while the mixing process is running, of liquids, powders or fibers; they can also be provided with equipment both for heating or refrigeration of the materials.

Continuous mixer: specifications

  • Homogeneity: better homogenized mix due to double rotating - 3 armed mixing stars
  • High compatibility: both for dry or wet mixes
  • High reliability: mixing tank lined with wear-resistant steel plates, mixing blades in special high hardness cast iron
  • High versatility: for all kinds of concrete and stabilized cement