The heart of the batching plant is the mixer which is designed according to type and capacity of concrete production required by our customers.

Old Mixer

We are proud to supply the best tailor made technology for concrete production. Our full range of mixers can be used to produce concrete for:

  • zero slump concrete for block and pavers machines,
  • semi dry concrete for hollow core with extruder machine;
  • zero slump concrete for pipes machine,
  • wet concrete for industrial and civil precast elements;
  • wet concrete for concrete products as new jersey, tunnel segment.
  • SSC, RCC and any type of high-resistance concrete.
  • ready mix concrete for truck mixer feeding.


Concrete production in every kind of climate situations

MCT customizes the mixers in the batching plant design, taking care of every detail of the integration and connection of this core device with the batching plant.
Our commitment is to guarantee concrete production in every kind of climate situations, through an optimal mixing technology also with hot water, chiller or ice flakes.
In order to completely fullfill our customers’ request, chemicals, granulate or powders pigments, and steel, plastic or glass fibers can be added during the mixing phase.