Compunet is our software for management and control of both batching plants and concrete transport and delivery systems.


Years of experience and top-notch connection technologies are what Compunet is made of.
The automatic system control is assigned to a modular, Windows running software.

With Compunet it is possible to monitor and manage all the aspects and stages of the whole process of the concrete production and distribution systems.

Remote technical support and remote control

With our remote technical support we provide a 24/7 assistance to help in case of required support, to check or restore the operations of the batching plant or of the transport and delivery system.
It is possible to check and modify processes on-line, while it is running, just by an internet connection.
Data are stored on Hard Disk, so they can be used for further analysis and processing. It is possible to print daily reports about any documents of production, transportation, consumption control.
Compunet makes possible to monitor and manage all the aspects and stages of the whole process of the concrete production.
The concrete call can be performed via radio.
The operator manages the call, the mix-designs and the destination: distribution and production systems are integrated in the process, and the production cycle is therefore automatically optimized.
The system allows, even in case of multiple simoultaneous calls, to manage the priority of the batches, optimizing the process.
Furthermore, Compunet supports the operator throughout the whole procedure, analyzing and reporting immediately any alarm, anomaly or malfunction.

Compunet software: specifications


  • Ease of use
  • High reliability: downtime reduced to zero
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability
  • Management features


  • Weight dosing
  • Volumetric batching
  • Additives control
  • Temperature control
  • Steam and ice dosing
  • Aggregates moisture and hygrometry control
  • Measurement of consistency and fluidity
  • Vehicles delivery

Additional software packages

  • Recipes formulation and archive
  • Daily production management
  • Jets power management
  • Stock management
  • Production process optimization
  • Automatic system diagnosis
  • Data archive
  • In – house or third party database software support