Functionality & Efficiency

MCT Group Aerovan Mono and Bi rail flying buckets represent the most advanced result of our research in the distribution and transport of the concrete.
Flying buckets is the outcome of the engineering efforts aimed to achieve maximum functionality, efficiency and reliability for concrete transport.

Reliability & Speed

AEROVAN can carry wet, semi-wet, semi-dry and dry concrete in an extremely fast and accurate way, maintaining intact all the features of the batch; thanks to MCT technology it is possible to achieve a maximum speed up to 240 m\min applied to straight, curved and inclined tracks.

Monitoring & Safety

WI-FI control systems allow the optimization of the devices involved in the concrete distribution in order to obtain the fastest delivery: maximizing the flying bucket speed, checking the shortest way and finding the best synchronism with other casting machines present in the plant.
WI-FI systems provide also a continuous monitoring of all the flying buckets, giving real time indications on the position, checking the status, exchanging information about the operations in the process and giving information about potential conflicts.

Aerovan flying buckets special features:

  • Capacity: from 0,5 m3 up to 4 m3
  • Variable Speed: from 60m\min up to 240 m\min
  • Track: straight, curved and inclined
  • Discharge gate: rollover bucket or clamshell gate for every kind of concrete
  • Flexibility: automatic management of the list of priority
  • Integrability: with all type of casting machine for concrete pouring