Completely automatic

Fully synchronized with the concrete batching plant and concrete distribution systems the MCT casting machine is the most useful tool for the best concrete pouring with completely automatic remote control.
The Casting Machines are designed to feed any kind of mould, extruder or slipformer and can be fed from any kind of Flying buckets.


Precast Production

The Casting Machine type BR designed for precast production is a casting bucket fully customizable that can reach different heights and rotate up to 180°.
This device makes the pour of concrete extremely easy and efficient, into every kind of mould of different heights, different shapes and gives also the flexibility to cast in a perfect way concrete panels and walls also in presence of windows and doors.
The concrete gate is hydraulically operated for a flexible pouring and preventing the concrete dripping even in case of very wet concrete.
The casting machine, available with variable capacity from 0,5 m3 up to 4 m3, is managed by safety remote joystick control, fully synchronized with concrete delivery system.
Thanks to our long experience in this field we can provide tailor-made systems to suit customers’ requirements.

The main advantage

MCT casting machines can be customized for the installation in overhead cranes of customer property, without the need of dedicating or purchasing a gantry crane for this machine. The casting machine can be fixed to the overhead crane through our special interfacing framework in just few minutes, only when concrete pouring into the moulds is required.
Once the casting machine is disconnected, and positioned in its station, the crane can be used for lifting operations: cage positioning, surface treatment and precast elements stripping and movimentation.


The Concrete casting buckets can be used for the movement toward and from the mixer (loading and unloading) in a fully automated way, when it is not possible to use the flying buckets.