The Casting Machines type CG are designed to feed concrete from flying buckets to any kind of mould, extruder or slipformer.

Hollow Core & walls production with extruder & slipformer

The Casting Machine designed for extruder and slipformer feeding for hollow core and walls production is a customizable solution with buckets installed into dedicated cranes, both full, half gantry or portal, depending on the layout.

This device does not require the presence of any workers and it is completely automatic: thanks to its integrated sensors, it can call for concrete to the batching system, it positions itself at the flying bucket discharge in order to receive concrete and it follows the extruder or slipformer during its casting operation, taking care of concrete supply with the proper rate.

Additional devices

Concrete pouring gate is hydraulically operated and the casting machine can be equipped also with additional devices:

  • water tank needed to moisturize the bed before the casting;
  • extruder or slipformer lifting, not requiring other cranes for this operation;
  • extruder direct power supply from the casting machine, avoiding other cables standing over the casting beds

Thanks to our long experience in this field we can provide tailor-made systems to suit customers’ requirements.

The main advantage

Concrete casting machine type CG is a dedicated and automatic casting device, which keeps the other cranes free for lifting operations.
If required by the customer, the casting machine is able to feed concrete to two extruders or slipformers, which are woring simultaneously in the same bay. Another optional feature is the pour in different heights.