The Beton Mix is a special color blending machine, specially designed for pavers and interlocks plants. The Beton Mix is a flying bucket with two or more hoppers for the simultaneous transport and dosage of concrete in different colours.

You can see the Beton Mix from minute 2:00

The right mix…

The Beton Mix discharges the right colour from the right bucket into the machine or the press, directly or by a conveyor belt.
The total flexibility of the color blending is ensured by the weighing systems of the single hoppers and by the metering belts at the extraction of every hopper. The shuttling of the whole Betonmix in its rails, then, makes every color blending possible, achieving the consistency or the IN-consistency required.

…And its automation…

The process is managed by the Compunet software system which optimizes the performances of the color metering and blending, achieving every shade of colours in the finished product.