Transport, storage and evacuation of precast  elements

MCT EASY WAY is the automatic system specially studied and developped for transport, storage and evacuation of precast  elements.
The system is designed to speed up the transfer of precast elements from the casting hall to the storage area.

Extremely easy

The trolleys are able to run on square rails, just bolted to the existing factory floor. The system is equipped with a pneumatic lifting system able to lift the steel supporting structure placed in the casting and able to support the concrete elements.

The two trolleys can be placed below the steel supporting structures where the customer has already leaned the concrete elements. In this way, while the trolleys are coming back from the storage, the elements have been already removed from the moulds. Thanks to the pneumatic system the elements can be lift and carried out to the stockyard.

Capacity and autonomy

The trolley is equipped with a set of rechargeable battery and with the control equipment through a remote joystick.
Autonomy can be customized accoridng to factory layout and can arrived up to 8 hours of continious working.
As well as the autonomy, also the capacity can be customized: MCT EASY WAY can be adapted to every precast elements (beams, columns, panels, hollow core slabs, pipes, tunnel segments…) and can go from 20 ton up to 100 ton.

Main advantage

The Easy way MCT Group Inc is designed to fulfil the transport of concrete precast elements in the shortest possible time, with less human resources and get free the casting area in the shortest possible time. Trolleys positioned on the side of the moulds are, in fact, imediately ready for the concrete elements evaquation. The system is fully expandable during the years and does not require any future and additional work or foundation.