Tailor made technology

We are proud to supply the best tailor made technology for concrete production based on customers’ needs. Our innovative solutions optimize the concrete production for:

  • Any type of ready mix concrete for truck mixer feeding
  • SSC, RCC and any type of high-resistance concrete

Full partnership with the customer

The ready mix projects are developed in full partnership with the customer in order to optimize the site layout including trucks traffic and raw materials management. The batching plants are designed for a very flexible concrete production meeting the demand for fast and accurate batching of high quality concrete.

The custom design-build process ensures the development of solutions for plants with ease of maintenance, high productivity, mechanical reliability and consistent production of high quality concrete.

Total approach to innovation

These features are achieved by applying best practices that have been developed of decades in design, component selection, system redundancy and proprietary elements that collectively make the plants unique to the industry. Our total approach to innovation as a solutions provider delivers an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and progressive platform on which our clients are able to achieve the highest level of success.

Environmentally-friendly closed structure

The tower plant solution offers great value to any ready-mix company (or precast factory) working in the fast growing metropolitan cities. Thanks to its compact size, the plant installation uses only fairly limited land area, thus bringing clear savings in land costs. The solution also features an environmentally-friendly closed structure, meaning that the plant produces only a minimum amount of air or noise pollution. It can thus be operated even in the heart of a city.

Ready Mix special features

  • Wet plants with double or triple batch process to minimize the size of machines optimizing the maintenance and costs
  • Aggregates dosing system with inching valves for a perfect flow control and the optimal accuracy vs dosing time
  • Innovative aggregates weighing and conveyance system for the best performances in dosing and moving aggregates vs dosing time
  • Aggregates holding hopper on load cells for a double control of dosing accuracy and to have batches ready to use
  • Concrete holding hopper on load cells with hydraulic discharge gate to free the mixer for the next batch while optimizing the truck loading process
  • Humidity and Plasticity integrated control systems for the best concrete quality control in terms of performances and consistency

Ready Mix values