Tailor made technology

We are proud to supply the best tailor made technology for concrete production based on customers’ needs. Our innovative solutions optimize the concrete production for:

  • Zero slump concrete for block and pavers machines
  • Zero slump concrete for pipes machine
  • Semi dry concrete for hollow core with extruder machine
  • Wet concrete for industrial and civil precast elements
  • Wet concrete for concrete products as new jersey, tunnel segment

Customized design

Thanks to our vast experience in every field of the concrete precast business, our precast solutions are developed with particular regard to innovation, in order to achieve the best quality through design and process optimization.
The batching plant design is always customized upon the specific project requirements in terms of site layout, factory process flow and traffic management.

Optimal solution

The very flexible design of batching plant and concrete distribution system ensures the optimal solution for every process with the best utilization of spaces and the best performances with regard to safety and concrete delivery to the precast machines and molds.
Our long term experience with almost all the precast machinery suppliers facilitate the project development through our technical departments for the best design of the whole precast factory.

Precast special features

  • Wide range of choice on mixing technology to optimize the type and size of machines to achieve the best performances
  • Twin shaft and planetary mixers for the best performances in mixing the whole range of concrete slumps
  • Innovative aggregates weighing and conveyance system for the best performances in dosing and moving aggregates vs dosing time
  • Special solutions for colored concrete dedicated colored aggregates and pigments dosing solutions
  • Humidity and Plasticity integrated control systems for the best concrete quality control in terms of performances and consistency
  • Fully customized concrete distribution systems for the optimal process management in terms of performances and safety

Precast values