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Planetary Mixers MCT Type MAV: High-Shear Concrete Mixing & Great Reliability

Planetary mixers provide high-shear mixing and great reliability, adapted to the homogeneous production of multi-minerals and above all for the production of color sensitive or small grain mixtures

MCT MAV Mixers are recognized for the following features:

  • High-production due to the reduced mixing time
  • double simultaneous star rotation with three or more arms that ensure the total coverage of the bottom mixer.
  • Pheripherical arms that bring the material under the arms
  • Compatibility with dry and wet batches
  • Constant homogeneous batches
  • Quick-emptying without segregation and with less residues.
  • Standard coating of the mixing pan with cast iron or Ni Hard wear-plates
  • Mixing arms in cast iron with fuseable links to protect the gearbox.

MCT MAV Mixers can be equipped with steam lances
The main products prepared by MAV mixers:

  • Concrete of high-quality.
  • Chalk, mortars, plasters
  • Architectural mixtures

It is possible to modify the mixer to allow the introduction of chemical liquids, or dusts, fibers, or apply to the mixer refrigeration or heating equipment for the batch.

Mixer Brochure
(PDF - 675KB)

Mixer Tech Data Sheet
(PDF - 1MB)

Planetary Mixers Mct Type MavPlanetary Mixers Mct Type Mav

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