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Overhead Casting Machine

  • With a Casting Machine, the concrete casting in each bay is done via a casting bucket connected to and fully integrated into a standard overhead bridge crane.
  • The Casting Bucket hydraulically controlled and can rotate up to 180° so it can cast a panel multi directional.
  • The concrete discharge gate can be engineered in different customized sizes to be interfaced to different forms.
  • The entire system is controlled by a handheld radio remote controller providing the operator full control of the casting machine and the bridge crane.
  • From this radio remote control, the operator is able to call for concrete by selecting the proper Formulas from this controller.
  • In the event that the producer doesn't utilize Flying Buckets in the concrete delivery system, it is possible to discharge the mixer directly into the casting bucket.

Colored Delivery System:

Colored Delivery System


  • Born from the different needs of the Concrete Paver Industry, Betonmix is a special flying bucket for concrete delivery of different colors to the paver machine. It consists of two or more connected buckets.
  • Betonmix automatically seeks out his position below the gate of the mixer finding the right bucket to receive the right colored concrete ready for the discharge, then transports the concrete to its proper position above the paver machine. The entire system is synchronized using the Compumat Batch Control.
  • Each hopper containing concrete is on load cells and the discharge of every hopper is done using a metering belt controlled by an Variable Frequency Drive Inverter.
  • With this type of technology, the batch operator can monitor and manage the quantity of different mix designs of concrete loaded on Betonmix resulting in a consistent colored concrete in the final products.

PDFCasting Bucket 25
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PDFCasting Bucket 26
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PDFCasting Bucket-27
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PDFCasting Bucket 28
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PDFCasting Bucket 29
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Overhead Casting MachineOverhead Casting MachineOverhead Casting Machine

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