1966: The Beginning

Lamberto Marcantonini teams up with SIMCAS (now Manini Prefabbricati), a company requiring a batching plant to produce prestressed beams with a ROTH plant.

Marcantonini proposes the development of this batching plant:

  • 4 aggregates with volumetric dosing
  • 1 planetary mixer with skip (0.5 m3)
  • 1 cement (silo, screw conveyor, 300 kg scale)
  • 1 water dosage with meter

It is the birth of the first batching plant for semi-dry concrete with semi-automatic control.

Two more plants are developed in 1966.

  • The plant for the company Cancellotti Delfo in Pontevalleceppi, Perugia
  • The plant for the company Barili Silvio in Rivotorto di Assisi is provided for a block machine with 3 aggregates and 1 planetary mixer with skip (0.5 m3) specially designed for block machine


1967: The company A.E.I. was founded

Two years later the A.E.I. (Automazioni Elettriche Industriali) company by Marcantonini Lamberto rents a tiny office in Passaggio di Bettona, Perugia.
In 1969 A.E.I. has 4 employees; 3 batching plants are produced and five more are in progress to be delivered.

1970: The first flying bucket

..is designed and manufactured by Marcantonini.
We develop the first flying bucket for the concrete transport for the company Cancellotti Delfo.

1972-73: The first Business Fairs

In 1972 we are at the first Verona International Fair; in 1973 we go abroad for the first time! Munich Fair, in March: very cold weather for a very successful exhibition!

1974: The innovation begins

We are the first European company to develop concrete batching plants with aggregates dosed by volume.

1973: The company Marcantonini Lamberto & C. was founded


We start the construction of the offices and of the first warehouse in the current site of Bettona.

1976: first sales abroad

The very first plant developed abroad is in Kenitra, Morocco.

The second plant has been sold in Thailand, for the River Kwai (yes: that River Kwai!) dam. The River Kwai plant has been the first with load cells for batch weighing.
The third plant has been sold in Switzerland.

In 1976 we switch from electromechanical to electronic automation.

In 1978/79 sales abroad become steady: Iran, Iraq, Morocco, France...

1979-80 Technology improvements

First batching plants with computerized control with the Z80 CPU by ZILOG.
Meanwhile we develop more plants in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

1982 Development of concrete distribution systems

We develop the first flying bucket for wet concrete and the first casting machine for precast production.

1984 Tower plants

We installed our first Tower Batching Plant in Colmar, France.

1988-89: USA

In 1988 Marcantonini lands for the first time in USA: two projects.

In 1989 we install a huge concrete batching plant with concrete transport system for Manini in Bastia Umbra, with 8 flying buckets, 5 casting buckets and 1 casting machine for extruder feeding. The facility is still working at full capacity.

1990: Growing success overseas

Big project in USA: 3 mixers, 3 flying buckets and a casting bucket to feed the formworks of precast walls.

1994: Software


For the first time management and control of batching plants and concrete distribution systems is possible through software running on Windows OS.

1995-2000: Technology further improvements

In 1995 we develop the first tower plant with 3 mixers, 2 flying buckets, 4 casting buckets; it is also the very first plant with bucket elevator for aggregates.
Between 1996 and 2000 we are in charge for many huge projects in Italy, France, Spain.

2001: Hugest project in our experience

Tower plant with 16 aggregate hoppers, 4 mixers, color distributors, fibers dosing systems, 6 flying buckets, 1,000 mt of rails with switches, 6 casting buckets for precast.

2005: The most challenging project

In 2005 we are in charge for a big tower batching plant with buckets in Iceland.
The project development, manufacturing and erection have been challenging due to extreme weather conditions: wind at 220km/h and extremely low temperatures, in a highly seismic zone.

2007: MCT Group

MCT Group, Inc. our USA subsidiary, is established in Reno, NV - USA.

2009: USA market

We designed 4 m3 buckets with architectural and structural batching plant for a precast project in Florida, USA.

Our story...

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