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Fib 2010Recycle

Concrete Production Moisture Control


  • Consists of a remote connection ( Via Internet or Via Modem ) where Our Technical Dept. can remotely operate and/or supply any type of remote assistance 24 Hours per day, 7 Days per week. With TeleAssistance, we are able to work with the batch plant operator to solve any issues surrounding the functions of the batching plant and the delivery system, giving live instruction.
  • It's also possible, with the same system, to update the management software with new versions without the expense of an on-site visit.
  • Automated Concrete Delivery Systems
  • Automated Bin Filling Systems
  • Aggregate and Sand Moisture Control & Concrete Plasticity Control

Moisture Control

  • The moisture control is an integrated program on a Windows platform and for every single cycle there is a filed moisture value that is in the aggregates. These values are filed into data storage where it is possible to access easily by Windows software such as Excel, Access, etc.
  • Every single aggregate hopper is equipped with a probe to detect moisture in sand and coarse aggregates and the probe communicates these values to the system.
  • On request, each moisture probe can be equipped with a Temperature detection system which can interface to aggregate heating or cooling systems.
  • The system reports on the Graphs the live activity reporting the cycle progress.
  • Moisture Systems are available for both aggregate and concrete. Microwave moisture systems are also available.
  • MCT offers a concrete plasticity control system specifically engineered in our R&D division at MCT's Factory that can be installed inside Planetary and Twin Shaft mixers for SCC concrete control.

Heating And Cooling

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