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Flying Buckets: Concrete Transport And Delivery Systems

Concrete Delivery Systems from the Batch Plant to the Production Bay

With our custom engineering of every application, flying buckets will guarantee production rates by delivering concrete to the bays more efficiently than any other means.

The delivery of concrete using an automatic overhead concrete distribution system can reduce significantly the risk of accidents, that can be possible with systems on the ground.

Concrete Transport And Delivery Systems


Dual Rail Flying Buckets

Overhead Flying buckets designed to run on two rails around the bay anchored on special supports.


  • Capacities up to 5-1/4 yd³ (4 m3 )
  • Max speed 787.5 ft/min (240 meters/min)
  • Minimum radial curved 11.5 feet (3.5 meter)
  • 4 wheel drive with speed and turning managed by the inverter
  • Overcoming slopes up to 5 degrees

AEROVAN Flying buckets are provided with an innovative hi-tech wi-fi control system through the Compumat Control System included with each system.

Through this system, at any moment, the operator can monitor the bucket and its position in real time.

Through the Tele-Assistance, it's possible to monitor, update and test the system remotely.

Dual Rail Flying Buckets


Mono Rail Flying Bucket

MONO-RAIL AEROVAN was a result of continuous research by our factory in the field of the concrete distribution.

AEROVAN is able to :

  • overcome slopes up to 5 degrees.
  • feed casting machines in the middle of curved tracks.
  • Thanks to the use of Inverters, it can reach speed up to 590.5 feet/min (180 meters/min)
  • Easily reach more stations to discharge.
  • Be retrofitted into existing operations.

The end result is:

  • Low management costs
  • Optimization of facilities
  • Human resources absolutely free around the yard.
  • Extremely reliable
  • Low maintenance costs

The reliability of AEROVAN has been reached using technologies such as infrared sensors, inverters, and programmable controls.

AEROVAN is a basic equipment of a completely automated concrete distribution system that is designed to satisfy any need in the transportation of concrete.

Mono Rail Flying Bucket

PDFMCT Dual Rail Aerovan Flying Bucket Brochure
(PDF - 269KB)

PDF MCT Bottom Dump Concrete Delivery Brochure
(PDF - 262KB)

PDFMCT Aerovan Flying Bucket Models Brochure
(PDF - 177KB)

PDFMCT Single Rail Aerovan Flying Bucket Brochure
(PDF - 180KB)

PDFMCT Aerovan Rail Switch Brochure
(PDF - 324KB)


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