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Concrete Reclaimers: Concrete RECYCLING Plant

Concrete Reclaimers

The RECYCLING Plant includes separator screw which moves the concrete from the receiving hopper and at the same time is sprayed with high pressure water removing the cement from the aggregates leaving a clean rock/sand blend which is discharged at the end of the screw.

It is composed of:

  • A fully hot galvanized screw customized for customer needs which allows for the separation of aggregate material from the cement and water.
  • A hot galvanized steel tank connected to the reclaimer discharge receives all the processed water. The tank is equipped with an agitator or multiple agitators depending on the size of the tank to keep the cement slurry in suspension.
  • A dosing pump is directly piped to the tank. The slurry water is pumped back into the batching sequence via specially designed piping either to the water scale or through a water meter.
  • A hydrometer detects the quantity of residual fine aggregates in the water. This data downloaded to the Compumat System to adjust the final water target to put into the mixer.
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PDFMCT Concrete Reclaimer Brochure (PDF - 259KB)

PDFMCT Concrete Reclaimer Applications Brochure (PDF - 329KB)


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